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Date Condition Text Video View Testimonial
6-11-16NeurologicalAmazing improvement in post concussion symptoms including resolution of constant headaches,constant...YView Testimonial
5-13-16Peripheral NeuropathyHenry noticed improved balance, resolution of leg numbness and chronic eczema on both hands...YView Testimonial
3-8-16Thyroid ConditionsDr. Taggart is the first doctor to provide me with a complete and thorough knowledge of my thyroid...NView Testimonial
3-6-16Knee PainKnee pain relief...YView Testimonial
2-20-16Knee PainDarlene has improved her energy level, reduced PMS, lost weight and eliminated knee pain...YView Testimonial
2-20-16Weight LossSri lost 14 pounds in 30 days and has kept the weight off, feels more motivated in life, better...YView Testimonial
7-28-15Disc Injury/Spine Pain/SciaticaFailed back surgery syndrome recovery, fatigue, recovery from cognitive loss post brain surgery...YView Testimonial
6-18-15Vertigo (Dizziness)Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Vertigo, Brain Fog Relief...YView Testimonial
3-10-15Thyroid ConditionsThyroid Recovery, improved energy, sleep and decreased anxiety...YView Testimonial
8-28-14Chronic Pain/IBSpatient recovers from IBS, insomina, fatigue, back pain, high blood pressure and depression...YView Testimonial