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12-11-12DiabetesPatient lowers high blood sugar without medication, is now in ideal range and has maintained this...YView Testimonial
11-28-12Weight LossWeight loss and many health conditions corrected. This patient was turned down for hip replacement...YView Testimonial
7-17-12Chronic Pain/IBSIrritable Bowel/Spastic Colon recovery...YView Testimonial
3-19-12General WellnessIrritable Bowel Syndrome My name is Lorie and I have been suffering with two health issues:...NView Testimonial
2-18-12General WellnessIrritable Bowel and chronic fatigue eliminated in one month after six year HX....YView Testimonial
12-13-11Migraine HeadacheKirkland headache solutions. Lifelong migraine headaches eliminated!...YView Testimonial
11-4-11Thyroid ConditionsFibromyalgia sufferer gets relief by addressing auto-immune (Hashimoto's) thyroid condition....YView Testimonial
10-25-11Thyroid ConditionsRecovery from chronic thyroid symptoms. Hashimoto's auto-immune thyroid. This patient noticed...YView Testimonial
9-1-11FibromyalgiaFibromyalgia successfully resolved...YView Testimonial
7-16-11Migraine Headachepatient recovers from daily headaches,low energy,digestive problems and chronic back pain....YView Testimonial