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Date Condition Text Video View Testimonial
4-5-13Anxietypatient overcomes anxiety without medications...YView Testimonial
4-5-13Thyroid ConditionsPatient overcomes Hashimoto's thyroid and IBS problems...YView Testimonial
2-21-13General WellnessPatient recovers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and low energy...YView Testimonial
2-15-13Thyroid Conditionsthyroid symptoms resolved cold hands cold feet fatigue high cholestrol...YView Testimonial
2-13-13FibromyalgiaFibromyalgia and chronic fatigue recovery as well as improvement in asthma sysmptoms and anxiety...YView Testimonial
1-20-13Chiropracticchiropractic care eliminates low back pain and allergies...YView Testimonial
12-13-12Weight LossDramatic weight loss and many health conditions corrected. Headaches,Brain Fog,Low Energy I.B.S...YView Testimonial
12-11-12DiabetesPatient lowers high blood sugar without medication, is now in ideal range and has maintained this...YView Testimonial
11-28-12Weight LossWeight loss and many health conditions corrected. This patient was turned down for hip replacement...YView Testimonial
7-17-12Chronic Pain/IBSIrritable Bowel/Spastic Colon recovery...YView Testimonial