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11-21-10Neck Painpatients recover from neck pain, Raynaud's syndrome and low energy at Lake Washington Chiropractic...YView Testimonial
1-25-10Migraine HeadacheI have had a constant headache since 1989.The headache affected my ability to focus, it affected my...YView Testimonial
8-31-09FibromyalgiaFibromyalgia pain eliminated after suffering for over 20 years!...YView Testimonial
8-31-09Lower Back Pain/Sciatica30 years of chronic back pain successfully treated...YView Testimonial
8-31-09FibromyalgiaI was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 30 years ago and suffered from moderate to severe pain,...NView Testimonial
8-31-09Migraine HeadacheLife long chronic tension and migraine headaches gone!...YView Testimonial
8-31-09Lower Back Pain/SciaticaChronic back pain unsuccessfully treated by four other chiropractors until patient comes to our...YView Testimonial
8-30-09Vertigo (Dizziness)Dizziness(vertigo),restless leg and incontinence resolved...YView Testimonial