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1-25-10Lower Back Pain/SciaticaPatient tells how Dr. Fry helped relieve his leg pain and help him with his balance disorder....YView Testimonial
1-25-10Lower Back Pain/SciaticaFormer daily arthritis and low back pain sufferer tells how he has been helped by Dr. Tony Fry and...YView Testimonial
1-25-10Lower Back Pain/SciaticaFormer Low Back Pain sufferer tells how Dr. Tony Fry, D.C. helped with her low back pain and...YView Testimonial
1-25-10FibromyalgiaFormer daily fibromyalgia sufferer Deborah Brod tells how Brain Based Therapy has help relieve her...YView Testimonial
6-26-07FibromyalgiaUpon arriving the first time for an evaluation I was a complete mess. Excruciating pain has been...NView Testimonial
6-26-07FibromyalgiaWhen I came to see Dr. Fry I had been in unbearable pain for over 2 years. Other doctors had told...NView Testimonial
6-26-07FibromyalgiaI'm 43 years of age. I've been dealing with fibromyalgia and neck pain/headaches so intense I...NView Testimonial
6-26-07FibromyalgiaI was a real skeptic before I came to Dr. Fry, but I was in pain, and figured what the heck, I'll...NView Testimonial
6-26-07FibromyalgiaI have fibromyalgia and had given up hope for any kind of a normal life. Dr. Fry sent me three...NView Testimonial