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4-25-18Peripheral NeuropathySince Dan has a career in carpentry, it is vital that he maintain his feeling in his hands and feet...YView Testimonial
4-25-18Disc Injury/Spine Pain/SciaticaJerry came to see Dr. Gossett after experiencing numbness in his feet for four years. As Jerry...YView Testimonial
4-25-18Chronic ConditionsMeet Kaylynn A. of Champaign, IL. Kaylynn has been suffering from plantar fasciitis, for 2...YView Testimonial
4-25-18Disc Injury/Spine Pain/SciaticaMeet Don C. of Paxton, IL. Approximately five years ago after being diagnosed with a pinched...YView Testimonial
4-5-18Peripheral NeuropathyMeet Phyllis G. from Monticello, IL. Hear how Dr. Gossett and his Neuropathy Recovery Program has...YView Testimonial
11-8-13Spinal Decompression"I knew if I didn't do something, I would be in a nursing home." Meet Lucille Finn, of Urbana,...YView Testimonial
9-20-13Spinal DecompressionMeet Phil Galaras, of Savoy, IL, a 25-year old man sidelined with a college football back injury. ...YView Testimonial
9-18-13Spinal DecompressionAlan Woods, of St. Joseph, IL, speaks with Dr. T.K. Gossett, D.C. of Champaign Il about his...YView Testimonial
6-5-13Spinal Decompression"I feel so lucky and I am so happy I got so much help and relief from your service!" "I used to...NView Testimonial
6-5-13Spinal Decompression"I used to think Lasik was the best money I had ever spent. Now I think decompression is!" "I've...NView Testimonial