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3-17-10FibromyalgiaChristine suffered from fibromyalgia symptoms for about 40 years. After treatment with Dr. Ken...YView Testimonial
3-17-10Vertigo (Dizziness)Jean talks about her successful treatment with Dr. Ken Howard for her dizziness and balance...YView Testimonial
3-17-10Vertigo (Dizziness)Steve received help for his dizziness and balance condition from Dr. Ken Howard...YView Testimonial
3-17-10Vertigo (Dizziness)Minnie is feeling better after being treated by Dr. Ken Howard for her dizziness and balance...YView Testimonial
3-17-10Lower Back Pain/Sciatica"This is certainly the most complete and comprehensive approach to lower back pain. I got relief on...NView Testimonial
3-17-10Lower Back Pain/Sciatica"I had a herniated disc and experienced constant pain in my back. I was a little skeptical at...NView Testimonial
3-17-10Lower Back Pain/Sciatica"When I first came to Med Alliance I had severe back pain and I couldn't sit for long periods of...NView Testimonial
3-17-10Lower Back Pain/Sciatica"I was suffering with a herniated disc, leg pain, back problems, sciatica and nerve pain. I wanted...NView Testimonial
3-17-10Lower Back Pain/SciaticaNon-surgical spinal decompression on the the DRX9000 helps this patient who had been suffering from...YView Testimonial
3-17-10Lower Back Pain/SciaticaSylvester received successful treatment for his low back pain from Dr Howard in Milwaukee....YView Testimonial