Peripheral Neuropathy Testimonial

Date Entered: 10-7-11

Doctor: (, )

Bobby S - Columbia, SC

The Numbness In My Legs Is Almost Completely Gone!

My name is Bobby, and I was having numbness in both of my legs all the way down to my toes. I went to see my M.D. to about it, he sent me to Richland Hospital, and they checked it out and said they didnít see anything wrong. They didnít give me any treatment or medication or anything. I was already a patient at Dr. Bigbieís office, so I decided I needed to see what my chiropractors could do to help me. I began a specialized program about two months ago, and now the right leg is just about completely back to normal, and the left leg is almost there too! I really do appreciate all the help that I get from the staff here, they are all so nice. My wife and I love coming here for our treatments, and we know we will continue to come here anytime we have a problem. Thank you!

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