Peripheral Neuropathy Testimonial

Date Entered: 10-15-11

Doctor: Joanie Winstead, D.C. (Jackson, MS)

My name is Elizabeth(Libby) from Jackson. I have some good news for those of you who suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy. I have suffered for over 2 years with Peripheral Neuropathy. I have been to 3 Doctors, Medical, Specialist and Podiatrist. None of these could help me. The Podiatrist ordered Special made shoes which were no help. The specialist ordered a brace for my right leg and foot and a special shoe for my left foot. Still no help, I was still crying with pain. The pain was so bad I had to use a walker or walking stick to walk. One night about 1:30 AM I could not sleep because of the pain. I thought there has to be someone somewhere that could help me. I got on my computer and looked up Neuropathy. The first thing I saw was Dr. Winstead. She talked about going back to school to study neuropathy so she could help her Grandmother who was in so much pain from Neuropathy. Am I glad Dr. Winstead did go back to school!!
She ask that I call for an appointment and let her see if she could help me. I made my appointment and she could help me. I started my treatment and in 2 weeks my pain in my feet was gone. I have been going to Dr. Winstead for 6 months and my pain has not returned.
Dr. Winstead and her staff are so friendly and will help you any way they can. When you go there itís like visiting friends not like a Doctors office. (If its raining one of the staff will bring an umbrella to your car to get you.) Dr. Winstead herself will help you to your car or anything you need. I thank God every day for leading me to Dr. Winstead and her staff. I now have control. I will get my life back to doing the things I love to do and thought I never could.
I would highly recommend Dr. Winstead to anyone suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy. She is more than a Doctor. She is so caring and continuing to study.

Ms. Libby P.
Jackson, MS

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