Peripheral Neuropathy Testimonial

Date Entered: 11-14-11

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David - Columbia, SC

After three weeks, my neuropathy is much better!

Hi, my name is David, and I have been dealing with Peripheral Neuropathy for about eleven years. Before coming to Bigbie Chiropractic, I had tried all sorts of things to get rid of the burning and numbness in my feet. I had orthopedic surgery, I was under the care of Neurologists, I even went to Duke for evaluation. I donít have diabetes or any other underlying cause for the neuropathy that anyone can determine. The treatments that I was offered were medications like Lyrica, and other things that would just make you so tired that you couldnít function, and they really didnít help the problem at all. But Iíve been coming here for about three weeks now, and since I started this treatment Iíve been feeling much better! Iím finally able to be very active with my kids! Iím now able to keep my shoes on for periods of time, which I used to not be able to do. I used to have to run the air conditioner in my car just to keep my feet from burning, but I havenít had to do that in the last week or so. I had to use a fan on in my bedroom at night, but I have that off now too, and Iím able to sleep much better! And I just wanted to thank the doctors and staff for the improvement in my condition! Thank You!!!!

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