Neck Pain Testimonial

Date Entered: 4-11-12

Doctor: (, )

Chris - Leesville, SC

The Neck Pain From My Accident Is GONE!

My name is Chris, and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic because I was in an auto accident and was having a lot of pain and strain in my neck. It hurt so badly that I couldnít move it much. It affected my everyday activities. I wasnít able to work like I had before, I had difficulty driving, it had a really negative affect on my mood, and I was worried that something might be REALLY wrong. And the pain medications they gave me at the hospital werenít helping. So I came to Dr. Bigbieís office, and started receiving spinal adjustments. Now I have NO PAIN!!! I can move so much better, Iím back to doing everyday things and living life with no worries. Iím doing GREAT!

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