Neck Pain Testimonial

Date Entered: 7-18-12

Doctor: (, )

Debi - Lexington, SC

The Cold Laser Therapy Saved Me From Surgery!

Hi, my name is Debi, and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic Office because of their Cold Laser Therapy. I was facing FOUR surgeries, and Cold Laser had previously worked for my pet, so I decided I wanted to try it too. Before I came, I was using a cane, and when I went on vacation I had to use a wheelchair. But after six treatments here with the Cold Laser, I havenít had to use the cane- Iíve been walking without it for a week now! I still have some pain, but it is getting better, and this laser therapy is awesome! Itís the best thing Iíve ever seen in my life!
Now Iím NOT facing the neck surgery, the foot surgery, OR the back surgery! Iím going to continue this to completely get rid of my pain. I want to thank the doctors here, and whoever invented that laser!

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