Fibromyalgia Testimonial

Date Entered: 6-26-07

Doctor: Tony L. Fry, D.C. (Evansville, IN)

Upon arriving the first time for an evaluation I was a complete mess. Excruciating pain has been my constant companion for the past 18 years since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Severe migraine headaches everyday - since therapy began with Dr. Fry, my headaches have subsided with only a few now and then, my quality of life has greatly improved and the depression episodes have decreased. That pain is still with me but at a level where I can now function. I can perform my duties at work and not miss as many days. I say a thank you to God each day for Dr. Fry. I call him my miracle worker and he just laughs. I shall forever be grateful to him for his knowledge and compassion showed me these past months.

Marilyn Wilson,


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