Chronic Pain/IBS Testimonial

Date Entered: 3-14-13

Doctor: (, )

Brittany G.

I am 25 years old and have been suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis for about 3 years. I came to see Dr. Cooper after my mom had such a great turnaround here after breaking her hip.
I had tried going to a RA doctor and taking the numerous amounts of pills they recommended
for my treatment, as time went on I didn't continue the pills and went on suffering.
After going to Dr. Cooper, I felt relief from my flare ups and pain for the first time in years, as
well as my gastrointestinal conditions I had been suffering from daily. My lifestyle has
completely changed now. With the knowledge I have gained, I have hope I can live a healthy life
with my RA under control and not interfering with the joys of life I have yet to experience. I
would recommend this clinic to others so they too can experience what it feels like to get control
over the condition they have been suffering from.

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