Neck Pain Testimonial

Date Entered: 7-26-07

Doctor: (, )

The "DOC" is tops! I really enjoy Dr McArthur's cheerful disposition

and attitude. I first came as a referral from my friend Mary, when

I was having immense pain in my neck and headaches.

Since then I discovered the cause of my neck pain and Dr McArthur

is helping me to fix it.

The best thing about Dr McArthur's office is the "doc!" He is always

so cheerful and helpful. I recommend him to others because he is very


The physical benefits aren't all I gain here. I find that my emotional

& mental outlook are improving with each visit, as well as my spiritual

well being!

He always has such uplifint music playing at every visit!

Suzie Ottens - Orem, UT

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