Fibromyalgia Testimonial

Date Entered: 12-18-13

Doctor: Dr. John Thomas Giudice (Greenwich, CT)

Fibro, fatigue, hormones.......
There I was sitting at the hairdresserĎs salon reading a magazine that featured Westchesterís top doctors for 2009. An article about a wellness chiropractic doctor caught my eye. I wrote down his number and called him for an appointment. Iíve been to other ďtopĒ doctors but no one seems to know why I was sick.
Iíll take a chance Ė after all, if he didnít find the cure, he would just be the same as all the other doctors who couldnít find what was wrong with me. For starters, I was so depressed that I couldnít begin a sentence without crying; couldnít walk 10 meters without huffing and puffing; was so bloated and overweight no matter how much I exercised and watched what I ate.† I had full blown menopausal symptoms (you name it, I had it!) despite the fact that I was on bio-identical hormones. Lastly, my allergies were so bad that Iíd wake up in the morning with swollen and puffy eyes, sneezing and blowing my nose, and constantly clearing my throat.† In short, I looked and felt horrible inside and outside.
The change didnít come immediately. †I am now a practice member and will remain to be so.† ........ Dr. Giudice also gave me a saliva test that showed that I had toxic levels of estrogen and progesterone in my body. He took me off the bio-identical hormones and continues to monitor my hormone levels so they are at their optimal levels. He taught me techniques to free myself of bad stress.
Looking at me today,you wouldnít think that youíre looking at the same person. Iím quite happy, have a positive outlook and have actually become quite outgoing (I thought I was a recluse.). Iím engaged in a variety of physical activities such as spinning, weights, yoga, cycling (just learned to ride a bike at 58 years of age and about to learn kayaking!). Where did all this energy and athleticism come from? You would think Iím in my twenties!
This is the very first year in decades that I have no allergies whatsoever. More importantly, I have no menopausal symptoms at all. NONE! I sleep well and wake up like a normal, healthy human being. I have lost a lot of fat weight. I feel beautiful. Laughter comes so easy nowadays. I can tackle anything and everything. My zest for life is back. I look and feel at least 15 years younger than my chronological age!
Thank you, Dr. Giudice. Whatever youíre doing, it works for me.
Pacita Habaluyas-Streb (17 July 2011)

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