Neck Pain Testimonial

Date Entered: 2-15-17

Doctor: Dr. Susan E. Kelenyi, DC, BCIM (Glen Ellyn, IL)

"Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that by coming to you for neck pain, which I had suffered from for years, would I have thought my neck pain, could be caused by anything other than my neck. After my initial exam and the thoroughness of the questions asked and exam techniques used and then finally a report of what was going on: I was blown away at what the conclusion was!

Not only has my neck pain been dramatically reduced. But my life long battles with my poor energy levels, weight and my overall health have never been this balanced. I can't thank you enough for your time, consideration and knowledge that you displayed with me. I would recommend you to anyone for any and all health ailments that people suffer."

Christine P. (Lombard, IL)

Doctors Note: In Chris's case her neck was no doubt a problem. However, the 7 th cervical vertebra was the biggest structural instability found. The C7 nerve has a close relationship with the thyroid as does the supraspinatus muscles all of which showed significant impairment.

A combination of applied kinesiology-chiropractic & nutritional therapy
revealed that Jane's long standing neck, lack of energy & battles with
weight all traced back to a problem with her thyroid not a primary
problem with her neck as previous physicians and therapists had

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