Peripheral Neuropathy Testimonial

Date Entered: 4-5-18

Doctor: T.K. Gossett, DC (Champaign, IL)

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Meet Phyllis G. from Monticello, IL. Hear how Dr. Gossett and his Neuropathy Recovery Program has changed Phyllis' life for the GOOD!
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Phyllis’ story starts back many years ago. She saw an ad online recently and wondered if this Dr. Gossett is the same one that had helped her husband about 38 years ago, and sure enough it was. So she called and the rest is sort of history as they say.
One of her main concerns was balance. (so important because falling can be so devastating) Just plain walking had become a chore, not just due to balance, but also weakness in her hips, legs and feet. Even standing was a challenge, affecting her ability to enjoy her church the way she wanted, or even just simple things like doing the dishes. She also describes the numbness and tingling in her feet feeling like rubber bands around her feet (and oh boy, can we talk callouses, she had them).
So much has changed since working with Dr. Gossett. Her balance, stamina and energy are renewed and she feels fantastic. She doesn’t feel her age (and she doesn’t look it either), and she believes that she is on track for really getting her health back. She is back to fully enjoying church, walking, doing household things, attending sporting events and even riding a bike. She could have never done that before. She did mention having her knees replaced, and with her permission, I am clarifying that that was before her treatment with us, one in 2008 and one in 2014.
I see a sparkle in Phyllis now, that is so contagious. She is such a sweet person and we are so happy to be able to help her regain so much that seemed lost...(cue fist pump) Way to go Phyllis!!! #jami
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