Peripheral Neuropathy Testimonial

Date Entered: 4-25-18

Doctor: T.K. Gossett, DC (Champaign, IL)

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Since Dan has a career in carpentry, it is vital that he maintain his feeling in his hands and feet for work performance and safety. Having compromised feeling was really a danger for him.

Hear him talk about how bad his balance used to be and going up and down stairs -carrying things- forget about it!! Very dangerous!

Also, he experienced a lot of back pain before. Now that has all changed.

Dan could not be happier that he found Dr. Gossett. His hands and feet are greatly improved and his back and neck feel great. He also enjoys more energy and stamina throughout the day. And his BALANCE is back!! (you know how serious falls can be)

Dan has been a great patient to work with and we are so proud for his success. As he said it himself, “I’m Happy”.. And we are really happy for him!

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