Neck Pain Testimonial

Date Entered: 1-3-09

Doctor: (, )

I fell on my hand last December (9 months ago). The forse of the fall broke my arm. It took2 months before the pan finally subsided frommy arm. then I really began to notice the pain in my neck and shoulder. After seeing 2 specialist I realized that the best thing the medical field could do for me was surgery. They wanted to fuse my disc together. they told me that the "shock absorbers" between my discs are not there. I asked what would happen to the disc on top and bottom of that disc after fusion. They could not guarantee that it would not result in a domnino effect. Then I came to see Dr. Tripp. He told me aobut the DRX9000. I this form of "traction" would help to seperate the disc giving the "shock absorbers" time to heal. I saidthis sound like the answer. I have recieved several treatments an already I am enjoying freedom from pain. Doctor Tripp has given me adjustments on my neck and spine. The pain tht I have lived with for 9 months is completely gone!

Thank you so much Dr. Tripp


Gwen Land

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