Chronic Pain/IBS Testimonials

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10-1-12Steve Tashiro, DCCO“Since my first visit, my pain has dissipated completely. Pain free and able to do what my...NView Testimonial
10-1-12Steve Tashiro, DCCO“Since my start at HealthSource, I have become more educated in the ways my body works and...NView Testimonial
10-1-12Steve Tashiro, DCCO“I came to this office with MAJOR PAIN in my LEFT SHOULDER. My daughter and I checked out...NView Testimonial
10-1-12Steve Tashiro, DCCO“I have suffered from 2-3 MIGRAINE HEADACHES a month for years! I came to this office...NView Testimonial
10-1-12Steve Tashiro, DCCO“When I first began I had horrible BACK & NECK PAIN all day, every day!!!!! I was in...NView Testimonial
7-17-12Michael Taggart, D.C.WAIrritable Bowel/Spastic Colon recovery...YView Testimonial
7-6-12Natalie A. Lawrence, DCGAJudith had digestive issues, headaches and back pain. Watch her wonderful testimonial !!! She has...YView Testimonial
6-27-12Edward Yanulavich, D.C.PACrohn's patient finally feels better after 37 years....YView Testimonial
5-17-12"I had constant pain, balance problems, my hands were swollen 3 times the size they are now and I...YView Testimonial
4-3-12Dr. Rob Lindsey & Dr. Aaron MorlandMNI had many issues with my digestive system, pain in my intestines, stomach aches (the area from my...NView Testimonial