Fibromyalgia Testimonials

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9-23-08Mrs. Janelle had done great in a short amount of time. These are the type of results we are seeing...YView Testimonial
8-7-08Thad Diehl, DCPA"Amazing.."...YView Testimonial
6-19-08Jenny - Over a few years pain had progressively gone all over my body and my energy level kept...NView Testimonial
5-29-08Mary K of Fresno, CA tells how she ended her fibromyalgia pain and got her life back thanks to Dr....YView Testimonial
5-29-08Carol Steffen of Clovis, CA tells how she has improved her fibromyalgia pain and how has improved...YView Testimonial
5-29-08Kathy of Clovis, CA explains how she went from pain and frustration to a wondeful life since...YView Testimonial
5-29-08Dolores Cunningham of Fresno, CA tells how much improvement she has seen in her levels of pain, the...YView Testimonial
5-1-08Thad Diehl, DCPAOff the medications

"Since starting care I am feeling more active, have less...
YView Testimonial
2-18-08Before starting care with Dr McArthur I spent most of my
time resting, because of pain.
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1-8-08Donna Ficarelli suffered with constant pain all over her body and constantly upset stomach before...YView Testimonial