Fibromyalgia Testimonials

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6-11-07Dr. Michael L. JohnsonWI“If you need relief from muscle aches and pains, stiffness and loss of energy, Dr. Johnson’s office...NView Testimonial
6-11-07Dr. Michael L. JohnsonWI“I have Fibromyalgia; [its] symptoms are aches and pains in joints, exhaustion and chronic fatigue,...NView Testimonial
6-5-07Igal Dubov, DCNJMy Sleep patterns improve – feeling of relaxation increased.
I feel better breathing, &...
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6-5-07Igal Dubov, DCNJI am a Fibromyalgia patient. When I first came to Dr, Dubov; I had no energy, aches and pains in...NView Testimonial
6-5-07Igal Dubov, DCNJMy stress is reduced in half. I have more energy and motivation. My energy level has been...NView Testimonial
6-5-07Igal Dubov, DCNJI have had such severe burning in legs for about four to five years that even Standing for long...NView Testimonial
6-5-07Igal Dubov, DCNJFibromyalgia consumed my life with pain. I was surviving by taking Tylenol with codeine. I wasn’t...NView Testimonial
6-5-07Igal Dubov, DCNJMy name is Carol Taylor and I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia for about 15 yrs. I have been...NView Testimonial
6-5-07Igal Dubov, DCNJDr. Igal is god’s instrument that brought me out of “Fibromyalgia Hell”
He’s not just your...
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6-5-07Igal Dubov, DCNJFor years, I have struggled with a mixed connective tissue disease. I have had surgeries,...NView Testimonial