Fibromyalgia Testimonials

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6-22-11Jay Bertsch DCMNMary got relief from her headaches and feels Team Health Care goes above and beyond what other...YView Testimonial
6-22-11Jay Bertsch DCMNSome of our patients talk about how the free health education classes like Pressure Point Therapy...YView Testimonial
6-16-11...YView Testimonial
6-16-11...YView Testimonial
6-16-11...YView Testimonial
6-15-11Jay Bertsch DCMNSuzanne describes herself as a "problem case." She was suffering from arthritis, shoulder pain, had...YView Testimonial
5-13-11This patient drove 1 hr and 45 minutes each way for 1 year and has reportedly had the best year of...YView Testimonial
4-22-11Christine M - Chapin, SC Im so thankful to have my life back!! Hi, my name is Christine, and...NView Testimonial
4-21-11I have had severe back pain and fibromyalgia for 25 years. I have gone through injections, drugs...NView Testimonial
4-21-11I had been suffering with chronic fatigue, chronic pain, tingling in my feet and short term memory...NView Testimonial