Neck Pain Testimonials

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Date Doctor State Text Video View Testimonial
12-18-13Dr. John Thomas GiudiceCTDr. Giudice has changed my life. When I first started seeing Dr. Giudice I had pains all over my...NView Testimonial
11-13-13Ryan McGaughey, DCCAI was referred to Dr. McGaughey by my neurologist after experiencing neck pain and headaches. The...NView Testimonial
6-4-13...YView Testimonial
5-21-13Angela - Lexington, SC After 3 Days I Felt So Much Better! Hi, Iím Angela, and I came to...NView Testimonial
4-10-13Lenny - West Columbia, SC My Pain Is Gone! Hi, Iím Lenny, and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic...NView Testimonial
3-14-13Christi K. I came to see Dr. Cooper for neck pain that was radiating into my shoulder and down...NView Testimonial
2-15-13Trent - Lexington, SC My Neck and Upper Back Feel Much Better! Hi, my name is Trent, and...NView Testimonial
9-17-12Geanie - Gilbert, SC My Hip and My Neck Are Feeling Better! Hi, Iím Geanie, and before I...NView Testimonial
7-18-12Kevin - Lexington, SC Iíve made a total recovery! Hi, my name is Kevin, and I came to...NView Testimonial
7-18-12Kim - Lexington, SC I Am Completely Pain Free! Hi, Iím Kim, and when I first started coming...NView Testimonial