Neck Pain Testimonials

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1-19-10I started seeing Dr. Austrager because of neck problems and TMJ problems that I had been having...NView Testimonial
1-14-10...YView Testimonial
1-14-10Carol came to us with neck pain and numbness in her arms...she and her family have seen fantastic...YView Testimonial
1-13-10Dr. Jonathan Claar D.C., D.A.C.N.B.VAChronic neck pain and a pinched nerve bothered this gentlemen during his performances and kept him...YView Testimonial
1-6-10"Dr. Alaimo gave me 10 years back!!" Visit for more info....YView Testimonial
12-31-09Dr. Donatello is presently the only chiropractor in Maine to utilize Brain Based Therapy....YView Testimonial
12-29-09Dr. McCarthy helps a military hero resolve his chronic neck pain....YView Testimonial
11-17-09After being in a Metrolink train wreck a few years ago, she couldn't find any relief from her neck...YView Testimonial
11-4-09Chronic neck, shoulder and arm pain resolved....YView Testimonial
11-4-09...YView Testimonial