Neck Pain Testimonials

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11-4-09...YView Testimonial
11-4-09...YView Testimonial
11-2-09...YView Testimonial
10-27-09Debi was on the verge of receiving cortisone injections or surgery in her neck. She didn't think...YView Testimonial
9-1-09David K. Naylor DC, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)NCIt was a great experience with Dr. David Naylor and the staff of Naylor Clinic of Chiropractic &...YView Testimonial
8-16-09Auto Accident Years Ago Still Causing Neck & Back Pain I was involved in a car accident when I...NView Testimonial
8-16-09Back & Neck Pain I had a mowing accident 8-10 years ago and have had neck pain and increasing...NView Testimonial
8-16-09Back, Hip, Neck & Shoulder Pain I was suffering with bad-bad-bad back/hips/neck & shoulder pain...NView Testimonial
8-13-09Neck pain with Radiating Arm Pain After a Car Wreck Gone. Visit for...YView Testimonial
8-11-09...YView Testimonial