Neck Pain Testimonials

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3-3-09Dr. Russ Schroder, D.C., DACNB - Chiropractic NeurologistOHI had pain in my hip and neck. Over the years I had tried exercise, OTC meds, and pain patches. Dr....NView Testimonial
1-3-09Stuart Hansen; Columbus had neck, low back pain for 6+ years, leg pain for 1 year, digestive...NView Testimonial
1-3-09Nancy Nevill of Columbus had Carpal tunnel for 2 years. This is what happened when she came to my...NView Testimonial
1-3-09I fell on my hand last December (9 months ago). The forse of the fall broke my arm. It took2 months...NView Testimonial
1-3-09ALLERGIES!? I couldn’t concentrate in class. I was distracted all the time. I also had Sinus...NView Testimonial
1-3-09Donna G. “I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to learn about my subluxations and nutrition.” “Excellent...NView Testimonial
1-3-09Michael W. “If you need a chiropractor this is the one for you.”...NView Testimonial
1-3-09Connie Foster “I have experienced a remarkable difference in my body. If the same excellent level...NView Testimonial
1-3-09William T. “I sleep better at night. I’ve learned to pay attention to my body’s posture. My...NView Testimonial
1-3-09Jane Davis If you are looking for the best Christian based practice, Dr. and Mrs. Tripp should be...NView Testimonial