Neck Pain Testimonials

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1-3-09Morgan (20 mo.) Dozier, Columbus GA It was a miracle!! Morgan came in with a 101.5 temperature,...NView Testimonial
1-3-09Sherianne Nelson, Columbus GA “I am so thankful for Dr. Tripp and his ability to heal and...NView Testimonial
1-3-09Tammy Teel, Columbus GA “It was amazing, I could not believe it! I suffered with sinus problems...NView Testimonial
1-3-09Gwen Carlin, Columbus GA “Dr. Tripp is so friendly and caring. He talks to me about many things...NView Testimonial
1-3-09Major Complaint: Neck and shoulder pain. Chiropractic & DRX9000 Results: Hi my name is Brenda...NView Testimonial
1-3-09Major Complaint: Sore Throat Chiropractic Results: When I left here after being adjusted, the...NView Testimonial
1-3-09Major complaint: I had neck and shoulder pain – HEADACHES right behind my ear. My whole face hurt....NView Testimonial
1-3-09Major Complaint: My eyesight was deteriorating due to age. Just as my eye doctor said it would. The...NView Testimonial
1-3-09Major Complaint: Couldn’t turn neck, headache, pain in back and shoulders. Caused by a car...NView Testimonial
1-3-09Major Complaint: Neck Pain. Couldn’t turn neck for 20 years. Medical doctor sad it was arthritis....NView Testimonial