Neck Pain Testimonials

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2-7-12I was hurt in an auto accident in 1997 when I started seeing Dr. Amy. I like the technique she...NView Testimonial
2-7-12I came to Dr. Amy because I had pain in my neck last year. The technique she uses is gentle and...NView Testimonial
2-7-12Over the past 20 years, from time to time, I have had the need for chiropractic care for specific...NView Testimonial
2-7-12Dr. Amy is not only a great chiropractor, but also a genuine person. I sought her out because she...NView Testimonial
2-7-12Dr. Amy is a great chiropractor. She is very caring and will go out of her way to provide her...NView Testimonial
2-7-12I had bad pain in my neck and back. My massage therapist recommended Dr. Amy. She is gentle, only...NView Testimonial
2-6-12...YView Testimonial
2-3-12Autoimmune/ 4 Discs...YView Testimonial
2-3-12No Surgery Needed!...YView Testimonial
1-26-12Brian Garrett, DC, DIBAK,FAAIN, CCNCA...YView Testimonial