Peripheral Neuropathy Testimonials

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4-13-10Eduardo was unable to feel the bottoms of his feet for months. He was unable to do the activities...YView Testimonial
3-31-10Dr. Jonathan Claar D.C., D.A.C.N.B.VAAmputation Avoided thanks to cold laser therapy!!!!!! This gentlemen presented to our office...YView Testimonial
3-10-10Joseph Childs, DC, DACNBPA...YView Testimonial
2-8-10I wanted to let you know how my recent chiropractic adjustments have been helping me. About five...NView Testimonial
2-8-10I have been going to Dr. Wallace for one year. Prior to my commitment to chiropractic, I suffered...NView Testimonial
2-8-10When I arrived at the office I could hardly walk, I had constant pain in the upper portions of my...NView Testimonial
1-14-10...YView Testimonial
1-6-10Skeptical, I was too.... Visit for more info....YView Testimonial
1-6-10Wow my peripheral neuropathy is finally gone! Visit for more info....YView Testimonial
12-23-09Video testimonial from a patient that was told she needed surgery. Her primary doctor told her to...YView Testimonial