Peripheral Neuropathy Testimonials

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7-15-14...YView Testimonial
7-15-14...YView Testimonial
5-30-14Natalie A. Lawrence, DCGARelief from 5 years of chemo-induced neuropathy in a few short weeks! Add in energy increase and a...YView Testimonial
3-5-14 Testimonial
12-20-13I have gotten sensations back in my feet. Hi, Iím James and I had a major pain in my feet and...NView Testimonial
11-6-13Jeff Smith, D.C.ARClick the link below......YView Testimonial
11-6-13Jeff Smith, D.C.ARView our testimonial here....YView Testimonial
6-5-13T.K. Gossett, DCILOur patient, 85 years old, Jim Sinclair of Savoy, Illinois, discusses his improvements with his...YView Testimonial
5-6-13Proximal Myopathy and Peripheral Neuropathy caused Jim Regan difficulty walking and climbing...YView Testimonial
5-6-13"I was waking up in the middle of the night with pain in the right leg going down the center of the...YView Testimonial