Peripheral Neuropathy Testimonials

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5-6-13"I had difficulty walking and was using a walker more and more. I would wake up at night with pains...YView Testimonial
5-6-13"It felt like someone was sticking me with a needle... like a knife, someone cutting on my feet. It...YView Testimonial
5-6-13"All my toes were cold, and tingly, and hurting me. And I didn't have any feeling in my toes. Since...YView Testimonial
5-2-13"The numbness I had in my hands is completely gone". Kim originally came in with Neck pain, Lower...YView Testimonial
3-30-13...YView Testimonial
3-20-13...YView Testimonial
3-15-13John Filippini, D.C., D.PScCA...YView Testimonial
3-15-13John Filippini, D.C., D.PScCA...YView Testimonial
3-15-13My peripheral Neuropathy is 90% better after doing Dr. Prax's Program. Trish P. noted that her...YView Testimonial
12-14-12“Within the 1st month of Dr. Prax’s Peripheral Neuropathy Recovery Program, my feet are feeling 50%...YView Testimonial