Peripheral Neuropathy Testimonials

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12-1-12Judy Ogborne didn't know she had a MODERATE case of numbness in her feet that was causing bad...YView Testimonial
11-27-12Joey Sandridge had SEVERE burning in both feet and he's only 53 years old. Watch his video...YView Testimonial
11-21-12Hi, my name is Robin. Iíve been coming to see Dr. Brian Prax for about two years now. When I first...NView Testimonial
11-17-121/7/13 UPDATE. Upon the most recent reevaluation, Frances indicates a "100% recovery" of her...YView Testimonial
10-10-12Natalie A. Lawrence, DCGAListen to Krista's amazing testimonial!!! Krista drives 3 hours for her appointments. She has...YView Testimonial
10-1-12Steve Tashiro, DCCO“My primary complaint was; BURNING FEET, pain when I walk, can't sleep from leg and feet...NView Testimonial
10-1-12Steve Tashiro, DCCO“I've had neuropathy in my feet for about six years, and before treatment with Dr. Steve,...NView Testimonial
10-1-12Steve Tashiro, DCCO“My neuropathy symptoms started in 2007 and steadily got worse. My feet felt DEAD and NUMB...NView Testimonial
10-1-12Steve Tashiro, DCCO“I came in to Dr. Tashiro's office because I was having severe LEG CRAMPS & NIGHTLY...NView Testimonial
10-1-12Steve Tashiro, DCCO“My symptoms of neuropathy pain started 14 years ago. My doctor only recommended pain...NView Testimonial