Weight Loss Testimonials

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3-23-12Dale P - Lexington, SC I Lost 10 Pounds In One Week! My name is Dale, and I have been on the...NView Testimonial
3-23-12Amanda S - Lexington, SC Iíve lost 20 pounds and 2 pants sizes in 35 days! Hey, my name is...NView Testimonial
3-23-12Bob A - Leesville, SC I lost 14 pounds in 21 days! Hi, Iím Bob, and Iím tickled to death to...NView Testimonial
3-23-12Brenda D - West Columbia, SC I lost 22 pounds in 7 weeks! My name is Brenda, and all my...NView Testimonial
1-18-12Corey Kirshner, DCPA...YView Testimonial