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Date Condition Text Video View Testimonial
2-16-16Disc Injury/Spine Pain/SciaticaTestimonial: Team Health Care Clinic Helps with Severe Back and Sciatic Pain...YView Testimonial
2-16-16Disc/Back PainLow Back Pain Went from Extreme to Nonexistent...YView Testimonial
2-16-16Arm/Shoulder PainChamplin Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Helps With Frozen Shoulder...YView Testimonial
3-18-14Migraine HeadacheAmy has been treating at Team Health Care Clinic in Champlin MN since she was 5 years old. Not only...YView Testimonial
3-18-14Neck PainMarlys was having lots of back and neck pain, and was unable to stand for long periods of time and...YView Testimonial
3-18-14ChiropracticBill and his wife came to Team Health Care Clinic in Champlin MN for a Pressure Point Therapy class...YView Testimonial
3-18-14Digestive IssuesHailey had bowel problems since she was 2 weeks old. Doctors suggested colostomy, but her mother...YView Testimonial
3-18-14Neck PainJason credits the chiropractic care he gets at Team Health Care Clinic in Champlin for allowing him...YView Testimonial
3-18-14Lower Back Pain/SciaticaJuanita was suffering from numb feet and could hardly feel her legs after 6 back injuries. She was...YView Testimonial
3-18-14ChiropracticDon had back pain that was "off the charts." He was recommended to Team Health Care Clinic by a...YView Testimonial