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2-6-17Digestive IssuesAre you searching for how to lose weight? Watch this patient testimonial about losing weight,...YView Testimonial
2-6-17General WellnessWatch this video as Jill shares her experience with our health recovery program where she lost 30...YView Testimonial
2-6-17Digestive IssuesNikki struggled with ulcerative colitis flares for a number of years and was hesitant to use the...YView Testimonial
2-6-17DiabetesAre you searching for a way to reduce or eliminate your diabetes medications, feel better and lower...YView Testimonial
2-6-17Digestive IssuesWatch this patient testimonial about how she found relief from chronic fatigue, and lost 20 pounds...YView Testimonial
2-6-17Weight LossAre you searching for better digestion or ways to help you lose weight? Watch this patient...YView Testimonial
2-6-17Thyroid ConditionsHave you had an allergic reaction and are experiencing hives? Watch this video about how our care...YView Testimonial
2-6-17DiabetesWatch this patient testimonial about how our care at Integrative Healthcare of Atlanta helped these...YView Testimonial
2-6-17Migraine HeadacheAre you searching for migraine pain relief in Dacula GA? Watch this testimonial about how she found...YView Testimonial
2-6-17DiabetesAre you struggling with diabetes? Watch this patient testimonial about how he found relief with our...YView Testimonial